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Certificate of Relief from Disabilities: The purpose is to encourage the licensure and employment of people with convictions.


  • Provides a person relief of any disability, forfeiture, or bar to employment that is automatically imposed because of a conviction. 

  • The conviction can still be considered by a court, administrative body, or licensing authority as to discretionary decisions.

  • The specific provisions governing a certificate of relief from civil disabilities are in Correction Law Section 701. 

  • It creates a presumption of rehabilitation concerning the offense in the conviction.  Correction Law Section 753(2)


Our office will gladly interview clients interested in seeking a certificate of relief from civil disabilities.  This applies to both clients we represented on the convictions as well as people that we did not represent.  We could not represent a person who was a co-defendant of one of our clients since that would be a conflict.


If you are interested, please call our office for an appointment at (914) 286-3400.

The Restoration of Rights Project

(RRP) is a free online resource that includes summaries and analyses of state and federal law relating to restoration of rights and status following arrest or conviction. Maintained and regularly updated by the Collateral Consequences Resource Center (CCRC), the RRP covers four primary topics: civil and firearms rights; pardons; expungement and other record relief; and employment and licensing. CCRC’s work on the RRP and its derivative projects is supported by a grant from Arnold Ventures.

NACDL - Restoration of Rights Project

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