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Immigration Center

Counties We Serve

Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Sullivan, Ulster, Columbia and Greene.

Contact Us


Robert Horne, Esq.

(914) 286-3408

(914) 682-4112 (fax)

Craig J. Small, Esq. 

(914) 286-3409

(914) 682-4112 (fax)

The Center is available during night court and off hour arraignments.

The REGIONAL IMMIGRATION ASSISTANCE CENTER for Region 4 (Hudson Valley) is one of six Regional Immigration Assistance Centers located throughout New York State funded by the NYS Office of Indigent Legal Services.

Each Center is designed to work in collaboration with one another to address difficult issues and conflict cases.

Regional Immigration Assistance Center

Providing legal support to attorneys who provide court mandated representation of non-citizens in the Hudson Valley.

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Sponsored by

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The Legal Aid Society of Westchester County

Who We Are

The REGIONAL IMMIGRATION ASSISTANCE CENTER was established by Westchester County in conjunction with the Westchester County Legal Aid Society. With the support of a grant from the NYS Office of Indigent Legal Services, we provide free training, legal advice and other support for attorneys representing indigent non-citizens in 9 counties throughout the Hudson Valley.

Why We Exist

  • Changes to the immigration laws have dramatically raised the stakes for non- citizens to be subjected to a vast array of adverse immigration consequences.

  • Adverse immigration consequences include deportation; inadmissibility; and, ineligibility for a variety of immigration benefits, as a result of dispositions and findings in criminal court.

  • Criminal defense attorneys themselves are now mandated to advise non-citizen clients of the adverse immigration consequences of their particular case.

  • Similarly, dispositions against a non- citizen client in Family Court can result in adverse immigration consequences affecting their legal status and impacting life altering decisions such as custody, visitation, adoption and termination of parental rights.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide support for attorneys in advising non-citizens so that they can make fully informed decisions regarding adverse immigration consequences resulting from their criminal or family court proceedings.

Our Services

We provide assistance, support, training, written resources and expert legal advice to court appointed defense attorneys throughout the Hudson Valley.

We will advise assigned counsel on potentially adverse immigration consequences as they relate to the following:

  • Criminal charges, convictions and/or plea agreements and sentencing dispositions.

  • Appellate and post-conviction relief options.

  • Family Court dispositions

We will also assist attorneys in addressing any language access issues in order to facilitate meaningful communication between attorney and client.

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 Information You Will Need

In order to better assist you, please gather the following information and contact us as early in a case as possible:


  • Client’s name, date of birth and country of birth

  • Client’s current immigration status

  • Date of client’s initial entry into the United States and manner of entry

  • Information concerning current criminal and/or family court matter

  • Information concerning any prior criminal convictions and/or family court history

  • Information concerning any prior immigration applications or contact with immigration authorities or immigration court

  • Immigration status of immediate relative residing in the United States (i.e. spouse, children, parents and/or grandparents)

Helpful Documents

  • Accusatory instruments

  • Family court petitions

  • Rap sheets and other information regarding criminal history

  • Copies of immigration documents such as green card, passport, employment authorization, and travel documents

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